The Power of Positivity

In a recent post, I said that I do not blog very often.  But my last blog has inspired me to blog again.  As an infrequent blogger, I felt my last post was negative.  Although the nature of “stop pretending” probably leads us to be critical.  I want you to know that I am an extremely positive person.

1. Positivity leads to more positivity.  It is contagious.  As leaders, we are often judged on our ability to handle negative situations.  Positivity is like the water that puts out the negative fire.  It may take discipline to respond positively, but the rewards are many.  Above all, people will be positive towards you.  You will be noticed for your grace and ability to stay positive when so many things go wrong at the same time.  When everything is going well, are we truly judged?

2. Negativity is not the cure to negativity.  We all do it.  There are times when we want to complain.  Maybe it’s healthy to vent our frustrations from time-to-time.  We have that itch.  But similar to scratching, we only feel good for a time.  Positivity has long term benefits.  In the end, you’ll remember the positive moments.

3. Negativity is seductive and widespread.  You can’t escape it.  Inevitably someone will send negative vibes and share negative comments.  The only statement that I say with a negative state-of-mind in this blog is that negativity is everywhere.  However, there is always room for positivity.

4.  We must not confuse positivity with weakness.  Those who are positive are often optimist in nature.  That does not mean that we are “doormats” to those who want to harass.  On the contrary, positive people are the ones that inspire us to do more.  We are the rocks that people depend on.  When someone feels lost, they will knock on your door for help.  There is no greater feat of strength than being a beacon of hope for someone else.

How does this all relate to us as teachers?  We often tell kids that positivity is important.  The challenge of being a role model is to follow your own advice.  A recent post by Kristy Keery Bishop pointed out how little things make us happy.  That post partly inspired my blog.  Last Friday, one of my grade six students asked me to teach grade 7 next year so that we can stay together.  I believe that kids and people are born naturally positive.  When she said that, it melted away my frustrations and inspired me to teach better.

My challenge to you: be positive when it is most difficult.  When there is adversity in the workplace, find common ground.  When there is stress in your life, think of your students.  When you have more work than time in your day, call a positive person.  Focus on the good.  It may sound cliche, but life is to short for negativity.

See you soon, a new blogger.

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  1. Aviva

    Yay Enzo! I’m always happy with more blog posts. I do like your focus on the positive: this was one of my goals for last year, and it’s something I’m forever thinking about. At this time of the year when school can be stressful, it’s always good to have something to smile about.


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