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Hopscotch is an iOS app created by Hopscotch Technologies.  The app is free, but allows for in app purchases to provide more coding power!  At present, it is probably the best coding app available on the iOS app store.

Hopscotch Stickers!

The team at Hopscotch has sent us stickers since we use their app.  What an amazing gift.  Stickers will be handed out to students after they share their projects.  Keep Hopscotching!


Video Tutorial


Sample Activity

A few years ago, there was a Shreddies commercial that asked its audience to choose “Diamond” or “Square” shaped cereal. The commercial confused many viewers. Watch the video below. What would students notice if they coded both shapes?



After assembling the code for the square and diamond shapes, students can make similarities by examining the codes.  For a student sample response, click here


Guess that Shape

By looking at the code for different shapes, students can guess the shape.  Based on geometric properties, what shape is coded below?  Send your own code screenshot to be submitted to this page.



Click the thumbnails for some amazing designs.  Can you code the same design?  Submit your screenshots to challenge others.

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